May 23, 2012

It's working!


Finally, a feeling of success! My Pc is back and working fine :D There are still these non-working scanners, but that's okay for the moment for I haven't really time for that stuff right now... Portfolio for Nuremberg is still in work and has to be done since next week thursday. Bah blah blah working hard blah blah... you know. Same procedure as every time ^^;

Anyway, breaks are made for drawing different stuff XD

First and foremost made to try out the adjustments of the gt and ps, made only with transparent brush, time about an hour...

Have a nice day ;)


  1. Schön dass wenigstens ein elektrisches Gerät wieder lieb zu dir ist ;)
    Weiterhin viel Erfolg bei der Vorbereitung für Nürnberg!! ^^

    1. Danke ;D Wurde auch mal zeit dass endlich mal wieder was funktioniert XD Nur den Scanner kann ich wohl vergessen, weils für den keine Treiber mehr für Windoof 7 gibt :B Narf... Nja XD