May 11, 2012

Hardware still sucks

Header says it all. My pc didn't return from reparation, and my scanner still bitches the half time (at last I'm able to scan with one of them now)...

So today's picture is photographed again (but to be fair, it's too big to be (easy) scanned anyway :D). It's a work from my application portfolio for Krefeld (which by the way worked hopefully kind of fine, and next will be nuremberg at the end of the month...), topic was "Nähe", what can be translated with "adjacency", "contiguousness", "vicinity" but also "close to", "near" or "around".

Cheesy, isn't it? 8D

Done as a pencil sketch, than outlined with multiliners and colored with water colors and hair dryer. It's part of a series of 4 works... When I get the chance, I'll scan and upload them alltogether.

Have a nice day! :D


  1. schön, wenn das erste Gespräch soweit gut gelaufen ist, ich drück die Daumen für das nächste ;)

    Und ich wäre mal gespannt auf die anderen drei Bilder der Serie ^^

    1. Dankeschön :D
      Die andren kommen, sobald ich meinen Kumpel mit dem A3-Scanner mal wieder gesehn hab ;D