June 13, 2012


....and sketching all day long.

Okay, that was a lie, I was barely home today. But I made some sketch of that comic project I'm currently (trying to) working on.... It's kind of shitty because the four sites that are ready (except of the post-editing and lettering) are gone with the portfolio for Nuremberg. Which means I'll have them back by the middle of July or something D: (And than I have to terrorize a certain person with a A3 - scanner to scan that stuff for me... 8D )

But well, maybe I'll have about a whole chapter than... Let's say we'll see at the beginning of august how far I got ;) It's 8 sites by now, and it's growing fast - at least in my head XD

So, have a sketch now.

Edding and fineliner on a sketchbook page :D

Have fun!

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