December 19, 2013

It's nearly christmas, have some pics :D

Howdy, fellas! :D

First - I've finally got a tumblr ;) I'll upload the pics I'll post here as well as the old stuff and I reblog stuff I like and love, mostly art/design/animation/drawing and illustration stuff ;D
BUT the background information and my gibberish will stay here, because I'm one of these persons who don't like to read much text on tumblr ;)

And now, pictures! :D
I spent the most time this semester with the storyboard for our music video so I had to do lots of thumbnails and sketches on my gt, and HELL do I know little about layout and composition (good thing I had support by our cam girl Thesa >o<) . Most of it was try and error, but that 16:9 format is quite interesting, and I started to do some random sketches with my OCs, and I kinda like the results 8D I'd like to post some pics from the actual storyboard, too, but I have to go back and clarify that with my group, cuz Idk how touchy they are about "prepublications" ... ^^°
So, enough talking, PICTURES! :D

Nothing to say anymore. Have a nice weekend and a merry christmas or a nice holiday or whatever pleases you ;)
Take care! :D

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