October 21, 2014

The good guys aka TEAM POLICE - Project LO

Hello out there! :D

Group photo time! XD I really like group pictures, but they're sometimes so annoying to draw ;) The only thing I love more is creating new characters, YAY! Seriously it's so hard to not bulk the story with unnecessary background informations about every single one of them XD .... but hey, short stories are always an option.. 8D

So, these are Captain Wu's best guys and girls ;)

Currently working on their profiles and storyboarding the first chapters .... building castles takes time.

See you next time! :D


  1. hello naki,
    i'm one of your silent readers (watchers?^^) and i pretty much love your stuff, it's sooooo awsome! :) i dare say i can't wait 'til you'll post that story of yours...
    i like this picture! is that dark-haired girl your oc emma? *smiles* (and wooow, you can draw clouds, i'm so suck at that :( )
    anyways, i'm commenting for the first time since i fear you're giving this up because of not getting enough feedback or sth like that... yah well, just know there are probably many persons like me that love your work and always keep checking if there's some new stuff. stay strong and pleaase update soon! :)
    lotsa love
    one of your silent readers ;D

  2. Hey Anon,
    First, don't worry, I didn't gave up on this blog or my story :D I'm just fed up with so much other stuff regarding my studies and life at the moment, that this blog wasn't my first priority.
    But, thank you SO MUCH for your comment!!! I never started this expecting to get 20k comments a day, but sometimes it can get a little bit frustrating getting so little feedback.
    So, thank you so much again! :D
    Btw yes, you're right, the dark haired girl is Emma ;) (
    And stay tuned, a new post will come tomorrow! ^^
    Love, Naki