October 12, 2014

A portrait of a fellow student

Heyho everyone! :D

I'm here again! ^^ After some cramped time with moving out and moving in there is some light on the horizont that it might be better soon. YAY!
But I still need to find a desk and a chair so that I can work on my PC again (yeah, I see the benefits of a laptop now... but who wants to work on a cintiq using a laptop?! 8D)
Anyways, some while ago (like, MONTH) I made a scribble of one of my teammates, because she is really pretty and wears such cute chlothes and has a great style so I just had to draw it XD
And finally worked it over in ps (getting better with digital inking, YAY). 
So, meet Beyzar! :D

Also, she wears hats! Instant bonus points in sympathy XD
What do you think? ^^
Love you all! :D

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