May 10, 2013

The craving for vengeance is born

Hey hello people!

Yesterday my beloved graphic tablet payed the debt of nature. May it rest in peace. Beware! Even wacom tablets will get broken if you soak them in coffee a night long...
That happend some time before. Actually, inbetween it was working fine and I forgot about that accident, but I unscrewed it after it did nothing (or better, nothing normal) anymore, and there is rust and/or oxidation on the active surface, so...
Handle your grapic tablet with care! They can work fine for more than just 4 years. Seriously! >_<

Okay, enough of this. I scribbled with pencils again! :D
Meet this amazing vengeful lady:

...guess pencil will forever be my tool number one... ^^;

Have a nice day! :D


  1. wow, I like this one very much!
    Love your variation of lines (I hope you unterstand what I mean XD)

    soniu peng

    1. Thank you! :D And I think I understand what you mean... ;)

  2. ich wollte grad wieder 'verfolgen' .. da fiel mir auf dass ich dir schon folge ... wenn das mal kein kompliment ist dann weiß ich auch nicht :D

    das bild ist sehr stark! :)

    lg daria.

    1. Wow, das IST ein Kompliment ;D Dann sag ich mal DANKE fürs Folgen und fürs Lob :3 *knuffs*