May 25, 2013

Meet Emma :D and listen to my complains XD

Hellloooo out there!

I have a shitload of stuff to do for my classes, and what do I do? Right - blogposts... Ahahahaha :'D

No seriously, there's a deadline for monday, we have to do stuff for film/animation class and I REALLY should do something for verbal communications... argh... D: Sometimes I have this feeling that I should face this studies more... different... but that would be another, text-only post :'D

#Back to pictures! :D
Remember this guy? He's part of the comic I'm working on, and I thought it would be nice if the other characters main characters would get some kind of introducement, too :D
If you read this blog regulary, you might allready met them. But this is a series of introduction, so just enjoy! :D

So - Meet Emma, first main character and Police Captain.

Addicted to coffee, sports and kung-fu-movies :D
 The red cup was a gift from Locks ^^ He's next in the line!

Thoughts, questions, wild suggestions? ^^

See you next week! :D

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