May 3, 2013

Making stuff (or even pretending to while thinking about Iron Man)

Titledesign, to be specific.

Yep! I went from my illustration class and am in the film/animation class now. YAY! This semester's topic is title design, and we're doing front credits for an animated film about a dancing boy ;)
ANIMATION. YES!! ...which means our group will have to draw about 2800 pics to make the animation nice and fluid... .... ... yeah I don't want to think about that. DRAWING ANIMATION IS AMAZING! 8D Let's see how long it lasts till I'll write "Animation sucks!" XD
So that's the status from the studyfront 8D

Have some Otis now. Say hello! :D
And yes, doing strange stuff with his hands is his secret hobby ;) I really like his shirt and I think this time got the hair much better than much times before 8D
 Also, meet his pards Locks and Emma! :D 

Copic on marker paper, like so many times before  ^^; I should get over copics at some point. They're just f*cking expensive! >o<
 Have fun, a nice evening and a better weekend! XD See you soon! :D

PS: AFHAFLEWREKLSAFBHSDA AND HAVE YOU SEEN IRON MAN 3?! If not, go and see it. No, srsly. Except you're one of the people who can't stand changings from source material. But screw that, it's Ironman. 8D 


  1. That's a amazing piece of work.

  2. Deine Skizzen und Bilder gefallen mir extrem gut :)
    Alles Liebe