May 8, 2014

Mah new PC wallpaper


Since I'm drawing basically nothing else than storyboards and rotoscoping, I'm actually getting better at sketching on digital surface directly.
So I started doodling around and after a couple of minutes I had my new wallpaper:

But since I have 2 monitors, I needed a second one and spend another 15 minutes drawing this.

They are rough and sketchy and spontaneous and I love them. Personally I think these are some of my best works of the last months. There may have been more complex and time consuming stuff, like the stuff I did for my courses, but this is how I love to draw. Only pencil is better.
 What do you think? :D

NEXT will be a complication of videos I've  produced with various teams on my courses, so you'll finally see what I'm doing all day long when I'm not posting on this blog ;)

Take care of yourselves!

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